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Why is custom launch support essential?

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Are you in the midst of developing your next product, course, or offering? Launching can be an overwhelming time for businesses, and it’s made SO much easier with tailored launch support. When I say tailored, I mean custom, made for you support which is specially developed for YOUR offering, YOUR audience and YOUR goals. One size does not fit all, especially with launches – your offering is unique, so why shouldn’t your launch plan be?

With every offer, project and audience being different it’s key to ensure your launch approach fits perfectly with your business – cause who needs drama or difficulties when you’re launching the next big thing? Not you sister! 

I’m going to give you a run down of the top things to consider when it comes to launching, and just how effective custom launch support is, when done well…

Where are your potential customers or clients?

If I could tell you how many clients have wanted to market on facebook but their target market is predominately on pinterest, I’d have a million dollars. When you’re about to launch something new, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and or over-excited and want everyone everywhere to see what is coming. Take a moment, breathe and remember who you started this all for, you don’t want Angela from accounting to get ads about your SEO course for creative businesses now do you?

You want to know your ideal customers and clients inside out – What magazines do they read? What’s their favourite shop? How old are they? What’s their occupation?

Equipped with some of this information you’ll be able to narrow down your target audience so that precious ad budget gets spent with intention and most importantly on the right kind of ad placement!

So, what’s your niche? 

If you had 30 seconds to tell someone what you do, what you sell and why they should buy into it, what would you say? Think about what your business represents and would bring to someone’s life, is it an additional income? Or maybe a better mindset toward money? Think about what resonates with them and how they may respond to finding your product… Will they respond to a direct sales approach, or do they need a free lead magnet from you (say a relevant webinar or PDF sheet freebie) to get them enticed? 

Everyone responds differently to ‘selling’ and it’s custom launch planning with a side of knowing your audience that will help you discover how to hit all the variants and sell sell sell. 

What are your audience’s pain points? 

Whenever pain points are brought up, many people think – ‘Oh no, my offering doesn’t suit anyone’s pain points’, let me tell you, it definitely does. Have a think about the reasons WHY you buy. If you look back on every purchase you’ve made big or small there will be an underlying issue you’re facing that you hope it may fix – so in turn, you felt compelled to spend. Say you bought a new water bottle – your pain point may be you forget to drink enough water every day and you want to reduce your single-use plastic habits. 

So have a think about what your offering will help people with? Then align that with their lifestyle, and wham bam thank you mahm we’ve got some audience pain points!

Do you need some custom-launch help? 

If after reading this you’re still feeling in the dark when it comes to your next launch, don’t worry there’s help at hand! The Sunday Society have launched products, courses and so much more for some of the best in the biz – and we can help you! We offer a custom built and done for you strategy, so you can put your feet up and enjoy the successes as you launch!

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Why is custom launch support essential?

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