"Sunday is the day of the week when I am most likely to take the road less traveled."

The Sunday Society was founded by Luci; a creative, dog-obsessed, neurodiverse boy mama hailing from a quaint and love-filled home studio on England's south coast in 2016.

You know those Sundays when you wake up to the sun shining and flowers blooming, the freshly-ground coffee is brewing and the pastries flaky? When you feel so on top of your game, you do your future self a favour by laying the groundwork for an exquisite week with meal-prep and diary planning, followed by a spot of pilates, wrapped with a joyful jaunt in nature, a hearty meal and some deep relaxation? 

Sure, the PJ days have their place too, but here at The Sunday Society, I want to bring that former energy to your every day. The possibility, the motivation, the zest. 

I support some of the most influential female founders in the online business space by turning their vision into a highly-coveted & magnetic brand.

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- Robert Frost

individuality + uniqueness

intuitive + emotion-led branding


sustainable strategy


founder & creative visionary

I will never create designs or systems that are unsustainable for my clients to manage on their own once our work is done. I don't believe in making myself indispensable, because I want to empower my clients to own their own brand identity and strategy.

That being said, my services are highly bespoke, so that you feel supported and coached throughout the entire experience. And if you should wish to continue our journey together once our projects are wrapped, I'd be delighted to walk it with you.

Need help bringing your "I don't know how to put it into words" vision to life? 

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What makes the Sunday Society experience 


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You won't just walk away with a shiny new brand and website, but a profound understanding of yourself, your mission and unparalleled clarity for your vision, thanks to my immersive process.

The brand discovery process is unlike any other as a result of my intuitive, value-driven practice.

I bring a unique blend of magnetic marketing strategy, design excellence and technical genius to everything I do.

I've worked with some of the most influential female-founders in the online space, and bring nearly a decade of industry-specific, strategic brand expertise to any project.

I've helped over 200 creatives launch, scale and transform their business and mindset with engaging and inspiring online courses.

With a penchant for timeless elegance, your designs will be rooted in much more than just what's trendy on IG right now.

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