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stop launching in the dark

Reclaim control over your results by top & tailing your launches with powerful planning and  deliberate de-briefs.


Sick of feeling like you're at the mercy of your own launches?

It's true what they say; knowledge is power. And, more often than not, the disconnect of control over your launches is down to poor planning, goal setting and knowing how to effectively use a de-brief to improve your next run. We get so swept away in the dopamine of creating something new and putting the word out there, that proper forethought becomes a regretful afterthought.

Get back in to the driver's seat for your next launch with a proper goal-focussed launch plan, and take what you learn from a deliberate de-brief to liberate your next open cart with your learnings!


Because no two launches

are the same.

You're beating a dead horse by recycling the same sales content that just isn't converting, and giving your audience the ick 😬

You're not allowing your brilliant products to shine in all their glory to the people who need them most 🤯

You're launching in the wrong way for the goals you have for this project, immediately putting a limiter on your potential results 😵‍💫

What's it costing you to not utilise all that juicy knowledge that comes from repeat launches?

think about it this way...


how will you liberate your launches?

This is what awaits you         

A workbook and conversion calculator to map out your goals for this launch, figure out exactly which style of launch is best to achieve that goal, and where to focus your prep work.

In this workbook, you'll also learn the importance of setting multi-level goals to keep your launch momentum, and how to strategise for success.

Planning Pack

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step 2


aaaaand breathe - it's done!

In this de-brief dashboard you will take note of your sales and promo stats and use the accompanying workbook to action these findings in your next launch.

De-brief with intention

I'm the Creative Director of The Sunday Society, where I've been providing bespoke brand, website and funnel design to women-led businesses for 7 years now. In that time I've also overseen the strategy and implementation for over 50 launches from courses and mentorship masterminds to books, podcasts and live events. 

I've worked on websites and design projects both print and digital spanning various industries, with various intentions from sales to brand awareness and have been mentored by some of the world's most highly-regarded designers and marketers.

To put it bluntly, I know my shiz! You're in great hands with me because I've seen it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. I know what funnel style will sell your offer, and how to make it so stinkin' beautiful people will be flooding your systems to get their hands on it. I know what tech stack will bring you the most easy and joyful launch, with the least manual input, meaning you can show up and be the visionary you were meant to be.

I'm Luci!

Nice to meet you,

fancy seeing you here

to have my most productive workday.

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over a seven year self-employed career

clients delighted


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through my programmes and trainings

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from my own personal launches since May 2020... starting with no list.



"Luci stands in a league above & beyond anything we have seen before."

fiona humberstone

walt hampton j.d. & ann sheybani

"Working with Luci has been a real joy and I’ve loved seeing her work and her process evolve with each project. Luci absolutely blew me away with her final submission, which not only nailed the brief, but also was an exquisite piece of design work that would create the distinctive and covetable impact the brief required."

"Luci pours sheer intention and excellence into her work."

"Luci not only meets expectations but exceeds them. She’s incredibly organised, fun to work with, open minded, flexible and great at coming up with brilliant ideas. She is very committed, conscientious and reliable, and so quick and responsive. She has the answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, and is solution focused and calm."

polly alexandre

"Luci is an absolute JOY to work with - super smart, tech savvy, and an all-round creative genius."

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